Saturday, October 15, 2011

Welcome to Our Generations

by Scott Rhoades

This blog started with an insane idea. For my birthday in July, 2011, my son Brad gave me a book. This book is really two books in one: Classic Tracks Back To Back Albums and Classic Tracks Back To Back Singles. It describes classic albums and singles from 1955 to 2007. While reading through the book, I thought, "Wouldn't it be fun to listen to all the albums in the book." It was a crazy thought. There are a few hundred albums listed in the book. But, I thought, what a music education it would provide, giving me an excuse to listen to a bunch of albums, all of them considered classic by the authors of the book, and many of them things I would never listen to on my own. Brad liked the idea too, and volunteered to help track down as much of the music as we could find.

Brad's a musician with wider taste in music than you might expect of somebody born in the mid-eighties. Going through this pile of music seemed like a fun thing to do. And then we figured, if we're going to listen to it, we might as well review these records.

And thus was born this blog. We hope it will be fun. That's why we're doing this, for the fun of it. We expect to find lots of surprises, good and bad. We will each be taken out of our musical comfort zones, and challenged to listen to music we would never pick up on our own. We think the reactions from two very different musical generations might be entertaining. We hope you agree.

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